Selling Your Coins

As Kent’s premier dealer in valuable coins, the company value and buy all interesting, collectable and bullion coins ranging from circulated pre-1947 silver coins, hammered coins, old foreign coins, gold and silver bullion (e.g. Sovereigns, Krugers, Maples, Kooks and Eagles) to uncirculated collector items.  Values range from 10 x face value to high three figure sums. Prices are based on the London Fix and Spinks Auction catalogues.

Selling Your Medals & Militaria

We are interested in all military collectables ranging from time pieces, compasses and medals. Broad Arrow marked pieces are especially sought after. We promise all items we buy go to individuals who have respect for the armed forces, and collect items for the sake of historical interest.

Selling Jewellery and Scrap Gold/Silver

Dan from Rainham had been offered between £30 and £40 for a Victorian amethyst ring by various scrap merchants and jewellers across Medway. He explained "it wasn’t so much about the money, but it bothered me that something worn by my Nan and Mum should be scrapped. It makes me happy that Kent Bullion found someone who intends to wear it. The fact they paid a little more than the scrappers was a bonus for me". Kent Bullion does buy scrap, but are more interested in pieces that are fit for wear. It was made to be worn, and not to be melted. 

Selling Vintage and Old Watches

Military watches, Longines, Rolex, JLC, Omega, Tudor, Smiths and other vintage Swiss watches from before 1990 are a passion. They are also worth anywhere between £60 and £2,000. Kent Bullion values, buys and offers restoration advice on these beautiful items. Margaret Hemming from Wigmore had tears of joy in her eyes when she heard Kent Bullion had brokered her father’s Rolex Precision to a retired Major from Surrey. Both men served in the same Infantry Regiment. 

Selling Collectables

This is a broad area ranging from mechanical toys, silver spoons and plates to collectable cigarette cases. The list is too long. Just bring your items of interest along and we will do the rest for you. 

Free Public Valuation Events

Visits to Kent Bullion's office are strictly by appointment only.

Public valuation and buying events are held across hospitable venues in Kent and Essex, where the public is invited to take advantage of Medway’s only established valuation service, free of charge. There is no obligation to sell and Kent Bullion always pays cash.